What’s a typical work day for you at Superjail! headquarters?

Christy Karacas: I’m technically supposed to be here 10 to 7, but sometimes I sleep here. Usually I come in anywhere between 8 and 10, and sometimes I come in at 11 if I have other stuff. People work late here, I kind of have to be here to answer questions and oversee everything. A lot of my duties on the show I get more time to do them before or after work. There’s been a lot of sleeping here this season. This place is really fun, we love making this show. This show is a ton of work, we do almost the whole show in-house, we don’t send any of the animation overseas or anything like that, but it’s kind of a really laid back attitude. It’s like, ‘Everyone, just get your work done and you can do whatever you want.’ We’ve got a pool table, we’ve got a keg. Sometimes around 5 we play pool and have a beer, then go back to work until like 9 or 10. It’s like, really intense but really fun.

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  1. Thank you, Calvin. You shall be spared as I ‘tame’ the other inmates. :)

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