There will be a Superjail panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, on Saturday, October 15.

Join creators and executive producers Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick with Jackson Publick and Janine DiTullio as they discuss their Adult Swim series Superjail! and preview never-before-seen footage!
Saturday, October 15; 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm; American Airlines Theater, 1A06

You can watch 2009′s NYCC Superjail panel on Adult Swim Video.

Other Adult Swim shows with panels at the convention this year include The Venture Bros., Robot Chicken, Delocated, and Eagleheart. New Adult Swim programs to be showcased are China, IL (by Brad Neely); The Heart, She Holler (by the creators of Xavier: Renegade Angel, starring Patton Oswalt); and Black Dynamite (based on the film).

For more information, panel schedules, and to buy tickets, go to

I will be attending the convention, so look to for coverage of the panel and any Superjail news. For news from the other Adult Swim panels, check out our parent site

4 Responses to “Superjail at New York Comic Con”

  1. …afaksfnasklfnaskfdas WOW I can’t believe we are getting a panel so soon this time! I am stoked! I really can’t wait for the coverage and really, I do wish you the best of luck getting that for us,!

    Also, if you want extended coverage of the NY ComicCon panel in 09, you can watch it here:

    By the way, are we ever going to get a forum on this lovely site? I’d love to interact more with the fans!

  2. “Never before seen” footage? This does intrigue me so. I will be looking forward to the news of that panel when it happens :D . It is exciting that another Superjail! panel is going to happen again after so long. I wonder if there will be word on whether season 3′s chances are looking good or what, too. It will be interesting to hear what kind of trivia we might learn from the panel, like the process of making season 2, what things got rejected or changed up (supposedly Williams Street S&P thought one episode went a bit gory), what they’d like to do later, their favorite moments, etc.

    October looks like it could be an interesting month for news! Thank you for letting us know!

  3. Ooo~ The never before seen footage has peaked my interest! :D

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