Adult Swim Central and will be interviewing Superjail co-creator Christy Karacas at New York Comic Con, and we need more questions to ask! Tell us what questions you want us to ask Christy. Leave a comment on this post, and we’ll try to get your questions answered.

The Superjail interview, press conference, and panel took place on October 15, 2011 and comments on this post are now closed.

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  1. Any plans for a season 1 Blu-ray?

  2. Please tell me there’s going to be a part 2 to last seasons finale…

  3. Oh goodness, I do not want to flood with questions, since I can imagine other commenters must have a lot to ask too. Let me think of some possibles for you to ask, hmm.

    1. Were there any moments in this run that went too far for the Adult Swim Standards and Practices department? Did you have to tone down anything in particular?

    2. Are there any story ideas that you’d like to do in a possible next season, that you didn’t get to incorporate in this season?

    • Ah, I thought of one more now. If this is too many questions, you may leave this one out! It just came to my mine, though:

      3. Lord Stingray and the Stars N Stripes platoon had clear influences from GI Joe. Were there any other inspirations that played a part in the development of new characters, such as the Twins’ father?

      • *mind, though
        That is about all I’ve got for now, anyway. I’m impressed at TechnoTetris’ questions below, though! It looks like you may have quite the interesting interview :D

  4. Unlike Vi, I will be flooding with questions, hopefully covering some of the thoughts that many of the other fans have. I have my own curiosities, but I think we fans as a group is more important than what I’m specifically interested in. I’m not expecting, if any, of these get answered, but it’s nice to list a few!

    That being said, WOW, I’m quite shocked that we are getting a panel so early! :D

    So, why did Superjail get a panel so much sooner than for Season 1? That is my first question, ha ha!


    Season 2 Production

    1.) How was it to work for Titmouse for Season 2 rather than Augenblick Studios? Were their any key differences? Do you prefer one over the other?

    2.) How much time goes into an episode?

    3.) How do you go about selecting who works on certain aspects of the show? There seem to be many interns who also help out.

    4.) What was it like to work with an actual writing crew? Did you two often butt heads? Were any intentions for either side lost by negotiations?

    5.) What new opportunities did you gain by working on a second season of Superjail in the studio? New software, hardware, aid, etc?

    6.) Any amusing stories you’d like to share with us? You can’t expect us to believe it’s all work and no play back there!


    Sales (DVDs, merchandise, etc.)

    1.) Will Season 2 be released on DVD? If so, will the DVD be completely uncensored unlike what was promised for Season 1 (and the Pilot)?

    2.) If so, will there be any special features? Any behind the scenes production, or deleted scenes, or perhaps animatics like in the Season 1 DVD?

    3.) Is it possible that we could buy Season 1 and Season 2 together in a special box set sometime in the future, with it containing all the animatics rather than just a select few?

    4.) Will it be possible to have Season 1 and Season 2 in high definition?

    5.) Any word on any other merchandise? Action figures, posters, T-Shirts, etc.?


    Future Plans

    1.) Has AS confirmed a Season 3? If so, what will your focus be when getting to work on it?

    2.) If Season 3 is greenlit, any ideas you are curious to explore? Characters, settings, animation styles, music, etc?


    Specifically to Christy Karacas

    1.) You as a co-creator, do you have a preference between the two seasons or do you like each in their own way? Have any favorite episodes?

    2.) Any least favorite episodes, characters, etc.? This is not a hate it or love it deal, but perhaps there are characters or episodes you wish you could have expanded on more or handled differently. If you could go back, would you have changed anything?

    3.) You work in storyboarding, story crafting, voice acting, and overseeing the production of Superjail from start to finish (which we are all very thankful for!). Is there anything in particular you like doing most or have the most fun with?

    4.) What has been your most memorable experience since becoming involved with the creation of Superjail, let alone your own hit television animation series?

    5.) Have any thoughts you’d like to share with us?


    Possible Contact Information

    One of the many attributes that make Superjail a hit is not just how great the show is, but also the crew behind the production. We value the blood, sweat, tears, and booze that goes into each episode regardless of our own personal opinion on certain aspects of the show exponentially, and as such, we are that much more impressed when the crew actively tries to respond back to us. It’s very exciting for the creators of a series being enthused about their show, but it’s more admirable, as well as it is humbling, to hear back from the creators on a personal level.

    So, my final question is, is it possible that we could have direct contact with you (and/or the rest of the crew) that is a bit more comprehensive in its scope (unlike Twitter, Youtube, etc), such as a public email or website where we can give our praise, criticisms, fanart, fanfiction, and thoughts directly toward you guys?

    We aren’t (at least I’m not), expecting answers back, but it’s a nice feeling that creators of one of my favorite shows may actually receive and read an email I sent to them where other shows’ creators wouldn’t bat an eye once at the idea.


    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these, and thanks to for hosting this mirror on the site for those of us who cannot attend the panel. And for, is it possible that the idea of a public forum is still in the mix? Also, thanks in advanced! <3

  5. Now here are some of my personal inquiries that may or may not be asked depending on your discretion,! I have some strong opinions, so, I’ll allow you to read them and see if any should be brought up as a concern.

    Season 1 vs Season 2 (Rumors, criticisms, and the fandom)

    As we all know, Season 1 set a standard to Superjail and garnered a fanbase that prides itself on good taste for animation, especially. However, it seems Season 2, for many of those of us who were fans of Season 1, seems to pale in comparison to what Superjail was in Season 1: fluid, stream of consciousness, whimsical, and subtle. But on the flipside, there are also those who find Season 2, with its more concrete and traditional approach to characterization, art, and animation to supposedly have more substance, and prefer it over Season 1. Along with that, it seems rumors are being spread around, so, can we please have some answers?

    (Rumor) Is it true that Titmouse and AS wanted to cut costs on the show?

    1.) Season 2 seems to lack the subtlety that season 1 had both in visuals and characterization. Was this intentional or a direct result of the writing crew, along with the two amateurs that were added to the team? While some of it gave depth to the characters, such as Jean and Paul’s backstories, some of it over simplified them and made them very frequent by consistent visual references, running gags, etc that became blaringly obvious- such as the Twins being very alien.

    2.) In lieu of the above, 2009 Comicon panel plans mentioned that you guys wanted to make the Warden more sadistic and “hardcore”, although he seems to have gotten progressively softer and more childish as the series went on. Also, same Comicon panel referenced wanting to keep the Twins subtle, but they ended up becoming some of the more obvious and neglected characters in the series. While Alice ended up being a more developed character, she too had longer lines of dialogues than originally planned. Why does it seem that many of the ideas and thoughts you wanted for your characters in season 1 changed so drastically when entering season 2?

    3.) It seems both the art and animation, while very expressive and fluid, seems to have less quality control than in season 1. While there were the occasional blips there as well, the crooked lines, very organic and indistinguishable in between frames, lack of proportions, lack of proper color picking, lack of “in style” depiction (regardless if it’s off model or not), etc were all very much more noticeable this time around than in season 1. What happened?

    4.) The writing has become very mainstream and almost stereotypical. While season 2 had a variety of different templates which was used, which is a major plus, the writing didn’t seem to supplement the animation as did season 1. Season 1 is claimed to not have enough depth in writing, but it was streamlined to the animation almost flawlessly and the “story” took a course that was well paced and still had clever artistic transitions and expression as well as witty dialogue. In Season 2, however, it seems that the writing and animation were treated as two completely different beasts rather than intertwined in harmony. I often see the animation completely slow down or speed up depending on what it is said and it becomes very noticeable and lacks fluidity. So, why was this allowed to happen? Was it because Jackson Publick became more involved in the show? Even though he works on Venture Bros, Superjail is NOT Venture Bros and they should be treated differently, less we the same poop jokes over again. Oh waiiittt…

    5.) Characters like Combaticus and Cancer got mere mentions in Season 2 as well as the rest of the Season 1 cast, save for a few inmates even though they were going to possibly “come back”. What happened with the development there? What happened to Gary and Bird who got the tiniest bit of screen time.

    Sorry if these came across as harsh in any way, but I do believe these are some very important matters to address, and whether you enjoyed season 2 or not, what I mentioned has in fact happened in that season. Like I said, please view these questions and concerns with discretion and only pick and choose which you think is appropriate for the interview,! Thank you very much again for hosting this for us. :) I humbly appreciate it and just want to see the best for SJ.

  6. Though TechnoTetris pretty much summed up all I wanted to ask, my main question is what do they have planned for the Season 3 premiere if it gets greenlit.

    I wouldn’t mind what they had claimed about combining the violence from Season 1 and the character/story development from Season 2. Maybe even bring back minor characters, or even updating a few characters (like Ultraprison) to semi-regulars.

  7. 1. I, as I’m sure everyone else as well, really took notice to the new animation in season 2. To be, it was especially noticeable with the Warden, I think. Was this out of necessity to allow him a greater ability to express his emotions, or did the animators just really enjoy drawing him more than the other characters?

    2. If there is a third season, will you be staying with Titmouse?

    3. Season 2 was sort of hit and miss with Superjail! fans. Some people liked it, some didn’t. If Superjail is renewed for a third season, will you take any criticisms, such as the lack of the trippyness and violence that really made the show in the first season, into consideration and bring the show back to its roots?

  8. here are my questions for christy 1.who is your favorite character?
    2.what is your favorite episode?
    3.will jailbot2.0 ever come back from the dead?
    4.will there be a third season?
    5.will there ever be an episode where jared and jailbot have to team up?
    6.will combaticus come back from the dead
    7.will you guys ever make any action figures?

    those are all my questions for now.

  9. What do you have in mind for season 3? Do you guys intend to add any new characters? When is season 2 supposed to come out on DVD? What was the funnest part about making season 2? And what inspires you to make all of the crazy and unique things in Superjail? Its absolutely fantastic~!

  10. Hello there, Christy! Did you know you have Superjail fans in Brazil? I’m one of them! With this statement, are you planning to put “Superjail!”in Brazil?

  11. Ok I have a few:

    1. Was there anything in the show that had to be taken out because it was too crude or offensive? If so, what was it?

    2. Will you be revealing the back story of the mistress any time soon?

    3. Will there be a season 3?

    4. Will you be accepting art work being sent in for possible backgrounds (for theme song)

    This show is amazing! Im crossing
    My fingers for season 3!!! :)

  12. Oh and….

    5. When will season 2 be on DVD?

  13. 1. Would you guys ever consider a cameo of a fancharacter?

    2. How much time is spent on an episode?

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