Cosplay is common at conventions; here a fan shows off his Warden outfit

Superjail was at New York Comic Con this year, and they had some good news to share. The big one, in case you missed the earlier post, is confirmation of Superjail season three! They are currently working on writing the first episodes of the new season and plan to air them next year. Also announced is that season two will be getting a DVD release in 2012. Commentary has been recorded for the episodes, and the DVD will also contain special features such as animatics.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that Superjail will be on Blu-Ray yet. The creators of the show are in favor of the idea, but ultimately the decision isn’t up to them. They had similar answers to questions of things like Superjail toys, video games, or crossovers with other Adult Swim cartoons: it would be cool, but unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Information about Superjail was dispensed in the form of two panels with question and answer sessions. The first was a press conference, for news outlets and websites such as this one; the second was a general panel where the creators of the show answered questions to a room full of fans. I’ve transcribed a couple excepts from these panels that you can read below.

At the press conference was Christy Karacas (co-creator, executive producer), Stephen Warbrick (co-creator, executive producer), Janine DiTullio (head writer, story editor), and Richard Mather (layout artist, voice of The Twins).

From left: Janine DiTullio, Stephen Warbrick, Christy Karacas, and Richard Mather

Is there any news on season three?

Stephen Warbrick: There sure is. It’s a go. We’re writing now. It’s going well. [To DiTullio] What, do we have to get five scripts done by Thanksgiving?
Janine DiTullio: Yeah, I think we’re turning some scripts in this week. So we have some scripts, and outlines.
Warbrick: So yeah, we’ve been writing, we got about two scripts done. One on the way, two more one the way.
DiTullio: We got two done, they need to be punched up a little. We’re going to have ten.
Warbrick: Ten new episodes, going to be next year. Production starts, I guess the first record is supposed to be like December first.

What does it take for a scene to be too graphic?

Christy Karacas: They’re pretty good about it, but we have had a couple times where they, like there was one where Alice is ripping this woman apart, and her like guts all came out, and they where like, I can’t remember the note, we had to tone it down a little.
Richard Mather: She punched through the body and you could totally see the silicone implants. And her body ripped in half.
Karacas: We colored it, like colored it bright yellow or something, it wasn’t like red and pink. The show’s weird, because it’s like super-violent but also kind of looks cute, like bright colors, it’s a weird mix.
Mather: When I first started working on layouts, I got a lot of notes back from Christy that it wasn’t bloody enough, you know like, it would just be some blood, and he’d be like “No no, lot’s of blood!”
Warbrick: They rarely comment on how violent it is.
Karacas: It’s more like, it’s like how everything in America is, sex. They’re more worried bout that kind of stuff.
Warbrick: No pubic hair.
Mather: There’s a lot of pubic hair that we have to blur, and nipples, and all that kind of stuff.
Karacas: Things you wouldn’t think of.
DiTullio: But a spleen is fine.
Karacas: Like how we can rip someone’s spine out. Usually though, when we get notes, and with content too, usually when you have to change it, it usually ends up being funnier, because it’s usually like you find some weird creative way to tweak it, or do it different, which isn’t the most obvious way. Like there were a couple of times, I can’t remember what we had to blur out, there were a couple things, and we put a big black box on it, and I remember, it just seemed more dirty, like “what is that?”, kind of seemed funnier.

Do you have anything special planned for the season two DVD?

Warbrick: There’s commentary this time, and there’s more animatics on it, and there’s animation tests, so there’s definitely more extras than the first season.
Mather: We had a good time with the commentary.
Warbrick: That was fun.
Mather: There was drinking going on!
Karacas: It’s weird, because we’re always so busy with making the show, then the second we’re done they’re like “Alright, get the stuff for the DVD” and we’re like “There kind of is no extras”, because we’re so busy making it, that show is like so labor-intensive. And I always feel bad because I see the other DVDs and they have the crazy extras on them, and I’m like “When did they have time to do all this stuff?”

Here are videos from the press hour, thanks to kmiTV.

Keith Crofford, Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, Janine DiTullio, Jackson Publick, Richard Mather

Christy Karacas greets fans at Comic Con

The next Superjail panel was in a much larger room as the production team took a few questions from the hundreds of fans present. The four members that were at the press conference earlier were joined by Jackson Publick, the co-creator of The Venture Bros., who served as a producer and writer for the second season of Superjail. Moderating the panel was Adult Swim vice president Keith Crofford. Some notes from the panel:

  • Season three will likely have more Cheeseburger music (Christy Karacas’s band), although Stephen Warbrick notes that “they have to make another album first”.
  • When asked about expanding the show to a half-hour, Adult Swim vice president Keith Crofford jokingly interjects, “We’re real fans of the fifteen-minute format at Adult Swim.” Christy Karacas thinks that a 30-minute Superjail would “get boring”.
  • A fan asks about the Warden’s back-story and past life. Jackson Publick states that they “don’t want to spoil the mystery” but suggests the possibility that the Warden is “not quite human”. Christy Karacas hints that they “haven’t reveled everything about him” and “there’ll be more”. Stephen Warbrick jokes that they’ll cover Warden’s past “in season seven”.
  • Christy Karacas discusses the importance of keeping the violence and gags interesting, and says of the season one finale, “this is the kind of ending, like if we don’t get picked up again, the world ended, and if we do get picked up again, we’ll just ignore it.”
  • Some inmates highlighted in season two will continue to have important roles in season three. The team has plans for stories with the Gay Inmates and with Ash for the next season.

An awesome Mistress cosplayer

The panel ended with a special presentation from Titmouse animator James Sugrue. James is talented in impersonating the voices of all the Superjail characters and performed his version of the soundtrack to the episode Gay Wedding; the episode played on mute as James provided all of the voices and sound effects.

I had a great time at New York Comic Con and I would like to thank all the members of the Superjail team that took the time to talk to me. I would also like to thank John and Sara from Adult Swim Central, thank the cosplayers for letting me take their photos, and thank the readers of this site for submitting questions.

At Comic Con I had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive video interview with creators Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick; hopefully I’ll be able to get that video posted on soon. It sounds like Superjail season three is shaping up to be great, and I hope to provide Superjail news and information for many seasons to come!

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  1. Thank you for the highlights! Season 3 is sounding intriguing. It will be neat if we get to see the deleted “Warbuxx” opening (mentioned in the kmiTV interviews) on the DVD, but maybe it might be in those animatics. It looks like the con must have been a really great time for everyone too, and to even have cosplayers? So cool.
    Will the video interview have a transcript for those unable to see it? I think my computer will be able to handle it though. Once again, thank you a bunch for everything. And good luck to the cast and crew on season 3 <3

  2. Awesome, just to bad I couldn’t make it to that con. Still a big thanks for providing us with this and for your hard work as well as the awesome show the creators have given us! Here’s for season 10!! <3

  3. Glad you could make it, Calvin! Looks like some made a video of my one man show

    • You did a fantastic job at the dub over, James Sugrue! Wish I had been there! I especially loved the facial expressions and gestures you did as you played as the characters. It gave so much life to everything and showed how much of a good time you were having. <3 Your Jacknife, Alice, Jared, Paul, and Jean were terrific in particular.

  4. Superjail had been known for the best late night forever and has more blooddrawing and the best funny people ever but sadly they took superjail off air and that is the reason why we can have a superjail funraiser online that way we can keep superjail alive and on air.the renew of superjail will be the new season 3 next year of 2012 i hope the new superjail will be a new big hit next year of 2012 and is somebody going to be on my side for this?

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  6. Thank you so much for bringing this news back to us, Calvin and crew! I am sorry for the late expression of gratitude, but life has been a bit difficult for me, but this is definitely something exciting to come back to! Season 3 plans, the SJ crew, cosplayers, and production discussion~. Just wow, you guys got to experience so much and that cute little dub over. I hope the rest of you also enjoyed the rest of what Comic Con had to offer and looking forward to your personal interview with Karacas and Warbrick. Thanks again for everything you guys and I continue to support you guys and your exemplary coverage of Superjail! :)

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