The second season of Superjail comes to DVD on March 13, 2012.

Special features include:

  • Episode commentary
  • Live footage of a ten song concert from Cheeseburger (the band behind the Superjail! theme song)
  • Cheeseburger animated music video
  • Animatics, animation tests, and more


Get a double-dose of crime and punishment this March when Adult Swim and Warner Home Video bring Superjail! Season 2 to DVD. That’s right! Superjail!’s infamous inmates are once again getting released from solitary and slammed back into the general population. What is The Warden thinking?! It means twice the insanity and double the crazy in the most brutally twisted jail ever built! Superjail! Season 2 contains all 10 episodes that are fueled by the classic violence and unimaginable acts of insanity that fans have come to love about this hysterical series. In addition, the DVD boasts loads of bonus features including a live, 10 song concert from Cheeseburger – the party rock band behind the Superjail! theme song – as well as a Cheeseburger animated music video, episode commentary and more! Arriving at retail on March 13, 2012, the Superjail! Season 2 DVD will carry a suggested retail price of $19.97.

Adult Swim will support the release of Superjail! Season 2 with a consumer marketing campaign targeting fans of the show and the network. Thirty-second television ads will be featured on Adult Swim, while online advertisements will also be featured on as well as other appropriate, fan-targeted online sites.

Season three of Superjail is currently in production and will air sometime in 2012.

5 Responses to “Superjail Season 2 DVD Release Date and Cover Art”

  1. Awesome! I think I just came!!

  2. I still stand strong in my opinion that Season One is incredibly superior, but still a fun show. Can’t wait for Season Three!

  3. Me either i just cant wait for season 3 to come out because i want to jaerd and charice together again and add new people in season 3 and season one and two kickass 4 late night .

  4. Hi I just want to know where to buy completely uncensored versions of this show as I love it and can only find versions with comments that theres alot of bliping over the words please help an auzzie in need

    • //inb4 trolls on these comments too
      Season 2 is the only completely uncensored release right now. There’s no indication that they’ll rerelease seasons 1 and 3 with the uncut episodes (or if uncut copies exist). Season 2 has unedited footage and unedited swear words.

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