Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only bosomy female to be found in the pages of Playboy‘s January issue: Alice is in there too. The Warden, Jared, the Twins, the Doctor, Jacknife, and Jailbot are all in the magazine as well, but unlike Lindsay, none of the Superjail characters are naked. Instead, they are featured in a six-page comic written and drawn by Superjail creator Christy Karacas. While this is technically considered the “January/February 2012″ issue, the issue is being released early in response to Lohan’s Playboy spread leaking online, and should be available next week.

The comic ends with this message:

Be sure to watch season 3 of SUPERJAIL! This spring on [ADULT SWIM]!

An exact date has yet to be announced for the start of the new season, but this at least narrows it down to the spring.

16 Responses to “Six-page Superjail comic in “Playboy””

  1. This is surprising news, but great nonetheless! I wonder what kind of chaos the Twins are up to on that second preview page? It looks like the story has something to do with cows…and an ice cream land? I’m not sure, it’s all so small. I see that Karacas has put the Doctor as a more prominent character in the staff here too, so I wonder if that’s indication we’ll see him more for season 3. Hopefully that also bodes well for those Twins! I also see Jean and Paul in the first panel, and Gary next to them. Can’t wait! Thank you for informing us!

  2. I like this comic and I can’t wait for season 3! Though it would be nice if someone enlarged the comic pages to see what they’re saying. ^^;

  3. Superjail has made it way to number one for late night and the worlds biggest hit that was for season 1 and 2 that amazing of the world and i hope season 3 will be the same thing and thanks for the information.

  4. Looks like I have an incentive to buy Playboy now. Definitely getting this. Softcore wouldn’t be worth it if not accompanied by something awesome like this. That and this is Karacas drawing it out? I am so all over that, and adkfakfas just look at those Twins, aahh~. Too bad we didn’t get some mock pin ups or something, not even one of Alice, lol!

    If anybody would like, I’ll be scanning the pages in high quality. Please tell me if that is all right for you to post, Calvin! Thanks~.

    • That and this is Karacas drawing it out?
      The credits for the comic read “Written by Christy Karacas; Art by Hal Lee and Christy Karacas”. Hal Lee worked as a character layout artist for Superjail.

      If anybody would like, I’ll be scanning the pages in high quality. Please tell me if that is all right for you to post, Calvin!
      There is already a scan of this issue that has been leaked onto the internet. I plan on posting the scans of the comic pages after the magazine has been out for a bit.

      • Thanks for getting back to me! You rock, dude!

        Awesome! I wonder if Christy Karacas and Hal Lee are good friends then. This is quite fantastic! The art looks lovely.

        Oh? Can you please send me the link of where you found it? Maybe then I won’t worry about scanning it if the quality is already good enough. If you’d rather not post it online, you can send me an email at I promise I won’t post these particular scans anywhere before the magazine is out. :)

      • Oh, nevermind! After doing some digging online, I found it myself. x’D The quality is actually fantastic, wow! I’m taking screencaps of it now, but I’m guessing you already made caps for it? Regardless, I could send them to you if you want~.

        • I’d like a scanned copy of the comic, if possible. It would be greatly appreciated, especially now that I’ve become inspired to draw Superjail art again. : D

  5. I agree to that what i have in mind that calvin sholud make it to a comic book. Superjail season 3 will make it to the top. Hey calvin can you make it in a comic book and a good date for it to come out.

  6. In a totally unrelated topic, don’t suppose anyone here knows when Superjail! Season 2 will hit the UK on DVD?

  7. O.O I cant read it….its too small….D: I’m a sad orange!

  8. I support the idea of making a Superjail comic book! Something to fill in the gaps between seasons or something. I would subscribe to it! Love Christy’s works!!

  9. Wow, that is awesome! It really does give a reason to buy the playboys now lol. I’m gonna go try and find the scan online now! I wonder what those crazy mischieveous twins are up to now….

    • You can find them on Tumblr now, or download the actual Playboy, which is what I did before buying it myself. Or wait until Calvin uploads them. c:

      When you read it, it’s kind of funny, for once, ironically, the Twins’ don’t originally come in wanting to cause mischief. It’s a great twist.

      @UPinmate0043055 More SJ comics would be awesome, especially if they are as good as this! I actually liked it more than some episodes of season 2, personally.

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