Superjail’s second season is now available for purchase on DVD! The disc contains all ten episodes, plus episode commentary. The band Cheeseburger, who are best known for the Superjail theme song, are also featured on the DVD, with concert footage and an animated music video. Other special features include interviews, animatics, and more.

If you aren’t convinced to pick it up yet, maybe check out these two awesome commercials:

9 Responses to “Superjail Season Two DVD Available Now”

  1. Just got my copy and I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  2. Pre orderd mine and got it the day it came out! Totally worth the extra for 2 day delivery fee!

  3. I would say this DVD is very worth it! A lot of nice extras, and the episodes in clear HD-quality. Some of the commentaries are pretty insightful, even in brief bits of a chatter (like, what the Twins’ father was based off of). Mostly they’re just the guys having fun and chatting about, sometimes there are more people talking. :D Be sure to check for James Sugrue’s parts, they’re great. I was a little disappointed that two of the episodes didn’t have commentary, but they probably didn’t have time to record for those, or there wasn’t too much else to be said. If you listen to a few tracks, you can hear ideas for what we could possibly see in this coming season too. We’ll see what happens!

    I also find it pretty fun that the crew pretty much check around anywhere to see what people think of the show. They mention YouTube comments too, so you gotta wonder if they’ve lurked here, or deviantART journals and comments (beyond the fanarts), or who knows where else (tumblr?).

  4. Is the DVD uncensored?

    • Yep! Karacas and Warbrick aren’t sure what happened with the season 1 DVD and how it came out censored. But the bleeped words on this release are all unbleeped, and the censor boxes and blurs are gone (except one which was always there as a gag, but to say which would be a big spoiler). One thing that you’ll see uncensored though, you can see why it had to be XD.
      As one bit of note though, the deleted Jacknife opening they mentioned at NYCC never did make it to the animation stage. You can only see the half-storyboarded sequence in the animatics for “The Budding of the Wurbuxx”, but it’s still worth a look.

  5. Apparently, there was a season 3 bump on AS last night for Superjail! It’s supposed to be slated for September 30th. Did you by any chance catch it, Calvin? :)

  6. Wait, is the episode HOT CHICK censored? I’ve always wanted to see Warden’s….uhh.never mind *blush*

  7. Sept. 30th Season 3 begins!!!

  8. I LOVE Superjail! Just bought season one and 2, going to have a good night tonight, they should remove that dumb robot character though… Hes always ruining that handsome mans fun…

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