Superjail will be returning to television with ten new episodes starting September 30th at 12:15. From an Adult Swim press release:

The warden is back and the death toll at Superjail continues to rise at an impressive rate! Complete with fist fights galore, baffling love triangles, and psychedelic animation that will melt your face off, season three of Superjail! premieres on September 30th at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

A season three episode titled “Stingstress” will make its debut slightly earlier at the Ottawa International Animation Festival on September 21 and 22. The description for the episode reads “With the help of Jared and Charise, the Warden must “rise” to the occasion to take back Superjail from the Mistress and Stingray.

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  3. Welcome back, and just in time it’d seem! It looks like season 3 spoilers are starting to creep out in a lot of places, so hopefully there’ll be some suspense left by the end of the month :D Gotta say I’m excited though.

  4. YES!!!! I knew it would happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Whole-E crap! I had a feeling they would start a new season soon. Adult Swim recently listed both seasons on Comcast On Demand. My Superjail senses were tingling as soon as I saw them up.

  6. They just started airing clips for season 3 in a bump called “Symphony of violence”. Looks like the animation is back to that hardcore violence we all love so much! Can’t freaking wait!!

    • Oh, cool! Was this last night? I must have missed that. I can’t wait to see if the Twins get up to anything this season, but of course the whole thing with Ultraprison’s got me intrigued too. Just season 3 in general though, heh.

      • You can find some things using google but some of it is spoiler stuff. Yes that was that night, the commercial seems to air right after Superjail for the time being. They are in it I think, once it’s up on youtube, we will be able to tell.

        • Well Adult Swim was lucky enough to show it about 2-3 times during Toonami tonight. I must say, it’s looking great. I did see those Twins (and their possible family members?), saw plenty of Jared, and lot of inmates and death/destruction. The animation’s looking great!

          Someone’s actually edited Wikipedia with leaked titles for a few episodes. The first two do seem to really match up to what we know in recent developments and those spoilers. 301 is Jean and Paul’s episode (but airing second) and it looks to me like a good portion of clips from the trailer come from that, the night parts. Others are probably from the episodes they have finished up to this point (302 to 306).

          • I saw triplets. Maybe we get to see more of the Twin’s home world. Warden looked like he was doing some kind of nyan cat thing, Ash died again *He died the first time in Superjail Grand Prix*, And Paul wearing an outfit like MJ’s from Thriller. Looks like it could be a halloween episode.

            So much awesome is about to happen. I did see that spoiler image if you click the links above. They could be leaks or someone trolling that part of the wiki lineup. Guess we will have to wait and see.


    It’s a bit fuzzy, but Adult Swim put up the promo for season 3. Let the analysis begin!

    • Awesome stuff! And yeah, those triplets really look like the same ones that appeared in something Karacas put up on Twitter. I wonder just what’s up with the Twins this season, then.

      A lot of “301″-clips are in that video, quite the focus on Jean and Paul, as well as clips from whichever one has the mutant in the above link (with spoilers). The way they set everything up in this video, it definitely gives off the impression of “Just WHAT is going on?”. I remember one of the artists that worked on this season stated that there were changes made to how they animated things, and I guess I can see that with all the different angles utilized. It’s a nice touch.

      • Anyone know what song that is?

        The Twins with the triplets don’t look like the twins we know. It might be a different set. Do you have that twitter link?

        It looks like the Jean and Paul ep has something to do with Paul going after Jean or something. He’s fighting Alice and Jailbot. *It’s his fist that punches Jailbot*.

        • You know, I was just wondering that after a friend and I were discussing theories about the triplet guys! Maybe those Twins are “our” guys, or as you say, there might be a twist where those ones turn out to be another pair from their planet. If their species is so identical, you never can tell.

          From the little we see of 301 and knowing now that this is the one they also previewed in Juxtapoz, it looks like it could be that Gay Inmates-centric episode that Karacas described to the Huffington Post (Paul being up for parole). So between this and “Stingstress”, we know two possible plots. Hopefully the others won’t get TOO spoiled and we can have some suspense XD;. “Stingstress” is also airing tomorrow at that animation festival, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tries to leak stuff out. We must beware!

          Karacas’ teasers have been passed around on Tumblr, but this is the original link on his Twitter. “The Triplets” and something with Warden:!/ChristyKaracas/media/slideshow?

  8. Whose pumped for SJ Season3? Whose pumped? I AM I AM IAM!!! CANT WAITT sweet yes, about dang time this happened am so pumped!

  9. OMG, it’s only 8 more days until the new season!! I’M SO STOKED!!! I already know it’s going to be freaking epic. xD

  10. Hmm, just watched the season 2 ending ep. They previewed the upcoming new episode for season three but it didn’t seem to have to do with the Mistress.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen stuff about that D:. I wonder what’s up? Adult Swim’s schedules seem to be saying different things about this week’s programming too. There’s one schedule listing season 3 Superjail! titles for 1:15 AM from Wednesday to Friday, yet then other schedules are saying that nope, Black Dynamite will be rerun in that spot. “Stingstress” is still listed for the 30th on every one of those that I’ve seen though. Very odd.

    • It appears it may be the episode “Uh oh! It’s Magic!”. It has a production code of 304, meaning it was the fourth episode made and would roughly air around in that chronological order (usually, but not always).

      “Stingstress”, episode production code 302, chronologically should come after Vacation (301 is Sticky Discharge- probably Jean and Paul’s episode), but for some reason it is not being broadcast for the premiere. It’s very odd indeed. It was earlier listed as being the premiere episode for next Sunday, and for some places it’s still listed, but the actual commercial AS has been broadcasting is a teaser for “Uh oh! It’s Magic!”

      It seems very strange indeed. Hopefully, there is some explanation for this.

      • Yeah, now that you say that, one of the Adult Swim schedules now shows 304 for the premiere (yet their other one still says Stingstress??). This is going to be silly and thinking way too forward to the future, but I wonder how the episodes will be ordered on DVD with how they’ve been switched around.

        I mean, the show has the reset button and ‘no real canon’, but if one episode is intended to be a followup to a cliffhanger, it’s kind of weird for it be pushed back all of a sudden (after having been listed on so many TV sites for the premiere). It makes you wonder what happened…

        • May just be a glitch or something in the lineup or someone may have typoed. It says stingstress is coming on this Sunday saying the warden must fight to take back superjail in the discription so I don’t know bit that’s very odd

          • That’s what you’d think at first, but there was actually an AS bump that showed a preview of the premiere, and it’s definitely a clip that is NOT from Stingstress, but Uh oh! It’s Magic!. There is a goof up somewhere, it seems, but it seems to be run deeper than a mere typo. You can view the bump after Superjail finishes at 1:15 AM during week nights until the premiere date. :)

          • Yeah it says superfail is after stingstress but on wiki it says a sticky discharge is? Also as aired the promo to uh oh it’s magic it’s so weird

          • Yeah I saw that and the bump looks good. It probably just a screw up with the order I’m just gonna pretend stingstress came first in my head lol

          • looks like it might be “Stingstress” airing this Sunday after all, Karacas says it’s probably a mistake or typo. We’ll know when it comes!

          • That is, a mistake or typo on the schedule (for it listing 304 instead of 302). It looks like there’s been a LOT of confusion over Adult Swim’s listings lately. Someone’s been mixing up the numbers.

  11. Does anyone know the name of the song in the commercial?

    • I believe it’d be a rendition of Vivaldi’s “Winter”, not sure which orchestra though (gah, sorry for clogging these comments)

  12. I’ve been hearing a lot about season 3 being cancelled? Can someone verify that this isn’t true?

  13. Sneak Peak of Stingstress! Although, near the end it says it will appear at 12:30 AM and not the alloted time slot of 12:15 AM. So, possibly, are we getting two episodes of SJ on Sunday?

    This is just getting ever more curious. Your thoughts, guys?

    • Could be another typo or could be something else, yeah. It does look like “Stingstress” is the one we’re getting on Sunday, though sites are still confused about its placement in the run.

      MTV has the impression it’s the third (well, it was technically the second in production) and one of Adult Swim’s schedules lists it as fourth in the run. Maybe the mixed-up promo was a mistake too, or intentional to hide spoilers. Whatever the case, people on Tumblr and deviantART really are confused over the whole wishy-washy scheduling. We should trust Karacas though c:

  14. Nice!! And they’re not triplets they’re the twins brothers (it’s an episode) one episodes called night shift and in another episode Alice learns to cook lol

  15. Hey everyone, be careful with false links and Youtube uploads, the stuff above is all legit but there are some that are bots and uploading spam under false Superjail titles.

  16. Stringstress, was a definite success! The trip scene was worth it and overall an excellent episode, well done Superjail team!

  17. This first episode of the new season was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I’m very impressed by it. Can’t wait to see what’s in store the rest of this season! :)

  18. I must say, I didn’t like it. I LOVED IT!!! I want to give a big thanks to the animation team and everyone involved for this awesome start to season 3. The animation is right back there as it was in season 1 and loved all the color and trippy scenes. Simply awesome!!!!! <33333

  19. I know I’m staying up to see the second airing of Season 3, it was that good!!!

  20. Oh my God!!! That was so good! But the Alice part kinda sister bed me though hahahahaha watch it if you haven’t watched it and you’ll see what I mean

  21. Also glad too see the old animation is back :)

  22. PLEASE .. PLEASE tell me where I can get the full picture that accompanies this announcement! It’s all small and cropped and I’m dying to have the full thing.

  23. Hmm, I know I’m going to be a negative nancy here, but I can safely say for me the episode was just average. What I AM happy to see is the enthusiasm this episode is creating for everyone though, so, I’m so excited to see everyone so pumped for the new season! :)

    That being said, the animation sequences were FANTASTIC this time around! I just loved how energetic, quirky, and clever they were, notable ones being the Jacknife opening which is always something I look forward to seeing, the Soopercell! sequence, and of course that trippy one. I do admit, for the latter, I love how, for the most part, they were able to express the intensity of the sex without being too crass about it. It was just really well done! The Soopercell sequence was awesome with its visuals and props, all of which were clever and precisely executed: the rat and insect inmates, the toilet paper rolls for towers, and condiment rainbows were some of the most notable instances. It was just nice to see what the Warden would be like put in this kind of situation. Actually, I wouldn’t mind an entire episode revolving around this, Superjail crew! /wink wink nudge nudge It was fresh and just a welcome site to see the creative visuals being a focus of this episode!

    …What, however, this episode handled poorly was the content control. I found that the plot points just suddenly changed throughout the episode? And the characters themselves sort of felt really awkward. Most notable ones were the Mistress, Charise, and the Warden, and to a lesser extent Jared. I felt they pulled a season 2 here and just sort of did a 180 on their personalities for the sake of time and convenience, over simplifying and changing personality traits on the fly and writing that off as “character development”.

    Don’t get me wrong, if Ladies Night ever hinted that Mistress possibly had a more insecure side and that Charise was anything but the weak and shy assistant, maybe the way they were handled this episode would have been justifiable. But, no. Charise is so noticeable this time around that it’s an eyesore. She’s completely in control and confident throughout when her character prior shown none of that. It would have been nice seeing a gradual change in her confidence since the take over of Superjail, but it just felt rushed here. Mistress was basically Charise’s case but in reverse in that they made her a weaker character as the progression of the episode went through. She had absolutely no problem controlling the jail and if anything, overcoming the problem of her take over wasn’t because she was horny, but because she has the capacity to do so. I just thought it was weird that this plot point was so muddled, and most people probably think it was okay because she showed some insecurity toward Stingray and ignoring the fact that Jared and Charise controlled the whole thing. Warden pulled a Spongebob in the whole charming sequence. He was perfectly in character up to this point, and while it was cute to see him wielding the most amazing condom balloons, it just seemed to exaggerate his manchild side when it was so very subtle in season 1. No “calm collected charmster” here. This was such a glaring problem for me that it was hard for me to take it as a plot point, but the animated visuals that came after were a delight to see, so, I can forgive it in that regard.

    That and the art didn’t always match up the animation for me in this episode. There were some syncing errors, coloring errors (maybe those were deliberate, like the UP inmates’ tops going from a light blue to a light cyan), and what looked like some tweening. Some words and lyrics were difficult to make out and almost came out as gibberish, but overall, it was not bad.

    Anyway, for me, this episode is humbly average. It had awesome animation, but the plot and the way the characters were handled felt really poor. It felt more like they were trying to rush through this episode, but also slam in a bunch of things for the sake of fanservice and sacrificing pacing and character personalities. Artistically, I loved this episode, but the writing fell kind of flat to me. Hope I don’t get flamed for an unpopular opinion, lol.

    • hahah, I hope you don’t get flamed either. Nice analytical read! if people knew of my initial WTF reaction towards how rushed the pacing felt and some factors, chances are I’d get lumped in as “WANTING THE SHOW TO FAIL” . Nope, nope, I’m really hoping for a season 4 and to see the amazing animation they’ve teased in the upcoming stories.

      Now that I’ve had time to go over the episode, it feels like that they wanted to get this cliffhanger over with as fast as they could to get back to other things, possibly. I sometimes wonder if they were trying to parody shipping and the like (the “Stingstress” portmanteau being one sign), and possibly personalities being altered as a result, but chances are, things were as they were for the sake of getting from point A to point B. They needed Mistress to get out and be ‘cured’ somehow in a trippy way, and…yep. The sex sequence was fantastic though, very nice throwback to the season 1 acid trip-nature, and I liked how they played with the panning and angles in the animation. Nice to have those back. With how the reset button tends to be pushed (and the show having a loose sense of what’s canon as is, which helps it), chances are we might see Mistress revert to her old self when/if she appears again. Or maybe not! Only time can tell us. I think Karacas said Ultraprison would be in a few episodes, but he could have been misquoted by HuffPo too. We got at least nine more to go, so keep watch.

      If I can comment on the fandom trends in regards to this episode, too: It is INCREDIBLY jarring to see how many Mistress-haters suddenly love her now because ooh, she’s nice now and was simply dominating and abrasive due to being a sexually-repressed prude. It’s like, kind of funny, but also strange. Some of the very same people who wanted her to be hideously killed for getting in the way of slash or not being “good enough for Warden”, y’know? Amusing. It is also funny that both wardens of the respective jails have now had a connection to Alice. I could see the writers making Mistress have a sweeter, insecure side to maybe develop her more, but yeah, it seemed pretty thrown in suddenly? I know this is Superjail! and people will say “you expect consistency? haha”, but idk. It’s a little odd. Maybe we’ll get some idea of what went into the decisions either at NYCC or when they do commentaries (I do love those). And I’d always wondered if Charise was something more than the sweet innocent put-upon lady we’d see her as (since Jared isn’t so above all himself), but the characterization did feel kind of odd with her here too.

      Bruce…eh, idk how to feel about him? It was nice to see him a little more too, but whoever’s voicing him now seemed like they were trying waaay too hard to imitate his original voice actor from “Ladies’ Night”. Some of his lines just sounded too forced or off. And didn’t Nova sound a little less robotic? These are just minor observations though, not trying to start any trouble here if anyone liked the voices ;;. They don’t ruin the thing for me, really, just noted them on rewatches. The color-swapping Ultraprison uniforms were definitely something that you couldn’t miss, intentional or no.

      I did like the extra creativity they put into the opening with giving us a look at Nova’s situation with her own Jacknife (Jacquiknife? Jillknife? Did they even get as far as to name that girl in the script?), and the altered logo. Ultraprison looks very…suggestive in shape too, when you take into account how the Superjail volcano looks and how it was placed around it (they kept the whole spacey theme too, yay!). With how longer the opening seemed to run though, I wonder if there were other scenes and concepts in the script that didn’t get to make it past the animatic stage. Maybe they might have explained things a little more? Chances are it could be that, or we that we did get the episode as intended. It’s always fun to see how the story and art direction evolves though.

      So idk. I can’t say I love it, but I can’t really say I hate it either now? It feels like an opportunity got missed here and there, and that maybe some things might have worked a little more in concept than execution. I can’t say for sure though. I want to kind of be fair, yet also still critique what I’d like…but this is getting to be a textwall too so yeah. Gonna cut mine off too XD.

      (hey, so any of you fans of the Twins want to theorize where they went? I think they must’ve gotten bored or disturbed by all the boobs and decided to take their own “vacation”. Or they were in hibernation. Or who knows with those guys. I did like that the crew slipped in Jean and Paul ever so briefly in a background gag. It’s kind of adorable to watch)

  24. Wow. Wasn’t expecting that comment to be so large! Sorry for the text wall. orz; Still, pumped for the rest of this season! I’m wondering if it will deal with Jared and the Doctor. Should be curious!

  25. I thought the episode was very good, and I did enjoy it, however while watching it, it somehow appeared ‘rushed’. The events go by so quickly I almost got confused on what was happening. I did find the twist at the end funny though.
    Being a huge fan of The Twins, I was a bit surprised about the fact the boys weren’t in there. However, I did think further about it, and realised it would probably be difficult to fit them into the plot etc.
    I just hope they appear quite a lot in future episodes. I love those guys!

    • I felt this way too, they need to begin making them into 30 MINUTE episodes!!!
      CALVIN when are we going to get some screenshots for SEASON THREE episode?

  26. There’s already an exclusive clip for “Superfail!” floating around the net, but it’s kind of spoilery? I’m not sure if the channel that uploaded it had permission or not. I’m curious about how that plot will turn out.
    And like UPinmate said, there are still spambots about for “Stingstress”. I’ve heard that it’s confirmed Adult Swim’s promotional department messed up with the episode order and previews at first, so that’s why we got a trailer for the magic episode first.

    And, hopefully we shall get Twins soon, yes. They aren’t the most important characters nor the main guy, but they play a part in making the show what it is too. I’d say each of the characters contribute their own little part <3

  27. Well, there have now been 2 more new episodes of Superjail to date in the third season now, and i just don’t know really what to think of it anymore. The opening sequences have been pretty good to me so far, but aside from that, it just seems like its still missing something. This season just doesn’t seem to have that same “trippyness” that the first and second season had. It’s like it has become way too simplified in nature, and is no longer full of that brutal, chaotic complexity and wackiness that made me fall in love with the show to begin with. Does anyone get what I’m trying to say here??

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think there are some great aspects so far to season 3, i like the fact that they are trying to elaborate more on character development, and have brought back SOME of the psychedelic characteristics of season 1, though I feel like they aren’t pushing the envelope quite as far as what they could. I’m still curious to see what they have in store the rest of the season, but I feel as if the show is still kinda becoming ruined in some ways, you know? i really hope i don’t get flamed for this lol. It’s just breaking my heart to see such a potentially good show lose the very aspects that made it so amazing to me in the first place.. =/

  28. Since things seem to have been busy for the site, I guess I’ll drop the next episode titles we know in here 8D Tumblr and other places have kind of beaten to it though

    Airing this Sunday: “Sticky Discharge”
    October 28th: “Special Needs”
    November 4th: “Troubles with Triplets”

    That gives us the gay inmates’ episode, as well as one that’s supposed to be about handicapped inmates, and then the one with the Twins (and Triplets). Sooooooooo excited~

  29. I still can’t believe the twin episode airs on my birthday. very odd considering the twins are my favourite characters! ;)

    I’m dying to see what happens in the next few episodes though, and I really enjoyed last week’s episode.

  30. OK, after seeing this last episode (Sticky Discharge), I have to say that I am quite impressed with this one. Maybe this season has a bit more in store than I realized. :)

  31. Next up for Sunday is “Troubles with Triples” (not “Triplets” it’d seem). Preview looked pretty interesting as is, so I can’t wait to see what actually happens. Going by the posting rate of the official site, we should be getting a “Sneak Peek” clip on the Thursday or Friday before each new episode.

    I get the feeling that if this episode involves Twins, people should be expecting to have some expectations trolled or there to be some really out-there twists (this is Superjail, those are Twins, etc. ). That’s whether we’re talking about the Triplets, Ozzal, the Twins’ role in it, or any other aspect. One gif from that one on has me really wondering about its context (don’t want to possibly spoil it though).

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