David Wain, the voice of The Warden, has confirmed via his Twitter that the next season of Superjail is currently in the works. To a fan that said “we need another season of Superjail!”, David replied “We start making a new season this month!”.

Thanks to reader Vi for the tip.

15 Responses to “David Wain Confirms Superjail Season 4”

  1. Excellent cant wait! I also cant wait to own season 3 on DVD I already have 1 and 2!! :)

  2. Just can’t wait season 4 to come on air

  3. My favorite show, coming back on the air! Can’t wait.

  4. Epic! Superjail! has the highest density when it comes to events. So much fun in just 10 minutes. Epic.

    When season 3 was released I was somewhat relieved that it was indeed an improvement on season 2. But personally I think something was still missing. In season 1 the show was at it most primordial raw random psychedelic state. I think that should be reawakened! The episodes that you KEEP watching are all in season 1: dreamcatcher, don’t be a negatron, time-police.

    The fantastic trip-like atmosphere created around those episodes is just fantastic. Completely out of this world, still somehow relatable… In the dark corners of my mind. When I’m not sober.

  5. Thank…the devil? Who knows…

    I cannot wait for this show to come back on, especially after the cliffhanger they left us on at the end of Season 3. I personally found Season 3 to be the best yet-it took the total insanity without much else idea from 1 to the plotted not-as-wacky 2 and came out with some serious power!

    SPOILER!!! Season 3 ended with Superjail in flames with Lord Stingray, Alice, and a few others on an escape pod going to “Ultraprison.” Who wonders what the newly changed hippie version of Ultraprison’s Warden is up to?

  6. Indeed, Seiko, season 4 will be most curious There was an interview where they said Superjail’s still going to be destroyed in that opener, so that’s the most we know.
    That, and Alice and Stingray with their adventure to Ultraprison. Christy Karacas has also posted a tiny storyboard from that episode on his Tumblr, no context needed for now. As for how they resolve that cliffhanger, it’s definitely quite the wait.

    I have no big wishlist for the next one, although I must say more of the Twins and the inmates is always a nice thing (well, depending if you lump all those in the same group or not, who knows with the twins). Of course, there are plenty of characters to go around for ideas, although if they bring in even more new ones, that’ll definitely be something to wonder.


    • I love superjail! so much, when i first found out about another season of it, i was full of joy and excitement. Im also glad that they’ve aired it again and are letting u guys do it!!!!!!!!

      Im just so excited i thought they stoped superjail! and i was so worried, but now season 4, the best thing ever!!!!!!

      But if you guys do decide to do requests, can you maybe add in some episodes of both the mistress, and the warden. And ultraprision too!!!!!!! Please and thank you :)

  8. So when is this actually being released? Any ETA yet?

  9. holy shit, this is great news! i’ve been in the dark about this since that cliffhanger in season 3.

    i’m totally stoked. superjail! is my favorite show on as.

  10. god this show sucks so bad

  11. hello i am called Ms Emo Scarlet Lovelock i give my real name is Veronica Thomas a break. but you can call me Emo Scarlet, Ms Scarlet, Ms Lovelock or Ms S or Ms L if you like too…

    i am fan of Superjail. what if only Warden has a twin sister i would audition of her because if only Superjail is renewed the show again but if only Warden has not a twin sister i understand than….

    i hope you understand than.

    -Ms Scarlet Lovelock <3

  12. Yawn: you must have lot of free time in your sad little life to come to a site about a show you obviously don’t like to post something purely negative, I could understand a critique, but you suck, go drown in a toilet. And the one above me…you’re fucking crazy.

  13. Oh yeah, there needs to be a season 4..yup.

    • Season 4 is June 15
      Adult Swim hasn’t done much to promote or advertise so far, so it’s up to fans to take it into their own hands to remind all to watch.

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