Superjail creators Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick spoke with site Screen Invasion at Comic-Con about the upcoming season of Superjail.

Some excerpts:

If you liked season 3, you’ll like season 4. If you hated season 3, you’ll hate season 4.

We don’t try to please anyone, we just try to make it as funny as possible.

We don’t sit around going ‘what’s the show about?’ We just make it. It is almost like a kids show that has violence. The more I think about it, it is a pretty silly show, I mean, it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Season 4 feels very “throwbacky”, they described it as being more situational 80’s TV-esque, but with a big fight scene peppered with random violence.
  • Like season 3, the new season will include more of the staff and inmates interacting as the inmates have come in to their own as characters. Many characters are returning.
  • There are no guests stars this season, just a continued powerhouse performance from David Wain as The Warden.

Superjail season 4 is set to hit Adult Swim sometime in 2014.

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David Wain, the voice of The Warden, has confirmed via his Twitter that the next season of Superjail is currently in the works. To a fan that said “we need another season of Superjail!”, David replied “We start making a new season this month!”.

Thanks to reader Vi for the tip.

The Superjail season three DVD is due out on July 23, 2013, featuring all ten episodes plus bonus features such as animatics.


This summer, The Warden is back and the death toll at Superjail continues to rise at a ridiculous rate in the all-new Adult Swim DVD release, Superjail! Season 3! Available July 23, the DVD includes all 10 episodes from the animated comedy’s third season, complete with fist fights, baffling love triangles and psychedelic animation that will melt your face off. Series creators and executive producers Christy Karacas (Cartoon Sushi, Robotomy) and Stephen Warbrick (Beavis and Butthead, Daria) have also created a collection of bonus features for the DVD, which include animatics, rough cuts and an Introstring featurette.


John from Adult Swim Central conducted an interview with some of the creators of Superjail at New York Comic Con in October. Check out this video of him chatting with Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, Mike Carlo (animation director), Janine DiTullio (story editor), and Richard Mather (character layout artist, voice of The Twins).


Superjail will be returning to television with ten new episodes starting September 30th at 12:15. From an Adult Swim press release:

The warden is back and the death toll at Superjail continues to rise at an impressive rate! Complete with fist fights galore, baffling love triangles, and psychedelic animation that will melt your face off, season three of Superjail! premieres on September 30th at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

A season three episode titled “Stingstress” will make its debut slightly earlier at the Ottawa International Animation Festival on September 21 and 22. The description for the episode reads “With the help of Jared and Charise, the Warden must “rise” to the occasion to take back Superjail from the Mistress and Stingray.


Superjail’s second season is now available for purchase on DVD! The disc contains all ten episodes, plus episode commentary. The band Cheeseburger, who are best known for the Superjail theme song, are also featured on the DVD, with concert footage and an animated music video. Other special features include interviews, animatics, and more.

If you aren’t convinced to pick it up yet, maybe check out these two awesome commercials:


Kenny Powers is a character (played by Danny McBride) from HBO’s comedy series Eastbound & Down, and he is also the “MFCEO” of K-Swiss in a series of online advertisements for the sneakers. The latest ad features an animated segment produced by Superjail co-creator Christy Karacas, along with other members of the Superjail team. The cartoon is presented as a “Saturday morning commercial, specifically for the soft little minds of children”. The animated portion is 35 seconds long and starts around the 3:30 mark in the video below.


Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only bosomy female to be found in the pages of Playboy‘s January issue: Alice is in there too. The Warden, Jared, the Twins, the Doctor, Jacknife, and Jailbot are all in the magazine as well, but unlike Lindsay, none of the Superjail characters are naked. Instead, they are featured in a six-page comic written and drawn by Superjail creator Christy Karacas. While this is technically considered the “January/February 2012″ issue, the issue is being released early in response to Lohan’s Playboy spread leaking online, and should be available next week.

The comic ends with this message:

Be sure to watch season 3 of SUPERJAIL! This spring on [ADULT SWIM]!

An exact date has yet to be announced for the start of the new season, but this at least narrows it down to the spring.

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