Cartoon Brew provides Christy Karacas’s description of the upcoming episode as well as a sneak peak.

“He’s kind of a super-villian dude who has his own army, kinda like Cobra… He washes up on Superjail after his base is destroyed and the warden loves him, sees him as an equal and tries to be buddies… but Stingray has other plans for Superjail. This was actually the first one we did but we didn’t air it first… Stingray appears in other episodes later in the season.”

Adult Swim has this promo:


The media gallery now has screen grabs from yesterday’s Mayhem Donor as well as two desktop background-sized images taken from that episode.

There have been some requests for certain wallpaper, animated GIFs, and audio clips; those requests have now been filled! Check out the new stuff. Special thanks to “Rawshark” for helping out with the GIFs.

Last week’s episode, the season two premiere Best Friends Forever, is now on Adult Swim Video and can be watched here:

Adult Swim also added this nifty time-lapse video of a Superjail mural being painted in Manhattan.

Apr 062011

New Superjail “Mayhem Donor” April 10 at Midnight

Jared turns into some kind of mutant, and the warden is selling body parts on the black market. Things don’t turn out so well. Sunday at Midnight!


Screen Grabs from Best Friends Forever, the first episode of Superjail season two, have now been uploaded! For those who missed it, the episode should be on Adult Swim’s website next week.

Some interesting recent Superjail links: has this forty second clip from an upcoming episode of Superjail.

And has another forty seconds from later in the same episode. They title the clip “Maximum Insecurity”, so that is likely the episode title and these clips are probably not from the first episode of the new season.

Adult Swim provides us with a three second clip that is from the first episode of the new season (via Bumpworthy):

Here’s a trippy Superjail commercial that’s been playing on Adult Swim recently.

Superjail – Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim. And don’t miss new Superjail episodes coming April 3rd on Adult Swim.

There is also this newer commercial, with more season two!

And in site news, the media gallery now has high-quality screen grabs from every episode, as well as animated GIFs, desktop wallpaper, and audio clips. If there’s a particular image or sound clip or any other media from Superjail that you would like to see on the site, leave a comment!

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Mar 162011

An interesting look at the making of Superjail:

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