Animated GIFs

Special thanks to “Rawshark” for making many of these GIFs.

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  1. Hey, can I see the scene with the toddler Warden and the pilot episode where he says “JAILBOT!”

  2. Can you get that scene were the giant warden bot from season 2 flips off the other person ? I think its in a commercial. I’d love to see some gifs of that and i think i have a gif you can upload.

  3. Calvin do you think you could do a request for me?

    I have a few small animated .gif images I would like to have created, if it isn’t too much to ask.

    Could you make all of the images I request of 300X125(w/h) pixels? Or somewhere around these dimensions would be great.

    Ok, to the requests.

    I would like to know if you could create a .gif image for the small segment of the dinner platter that is shown in the Dream Machine episode. To be more specific the segment I am hoping for is the part right after(or before?) the Warden gets a boner sitting at the diner table and then the platter changes into different heads that look really, strange, yet amazing.

    My second request is of the time in Time Police pt. 2 when something is being swallowed up and then digested, shown in extreme/fantastic detail. I’m not sure, but to help you find this it is during the climax trip of the episode. Hoping this helps.

    Lastly, I would appreciate if you could get the small segment of the wolf costume/changing into wolf part of the Pilot Bunny Love episode. This segment shows up around the beginning of the climax trip.

    If you have any questions in regards to my requests please post them/email me.

    Thanks so much, Calvin.


  4. I’m a newcomer to this website and I just wanted to say that you’ve done a phenomenal job with this ‘Superjail’ dedicated website. I will continue to only come here for all things Superjail! Thanks!

  5. I had a second request could you do a gif of the scene were the two warden bots from time police slice that guy a part ? Also good job with the site

  6. Haha~! Wonderful site and section you have here! My new favorite fansite! <3

    As for a request… How about when Warden’s killed by the inmates in his dream in the episode Dream Machine. You know, at the beginning, when he’s dreaming about his dinner with Alice, and it gets interrupted by an alert that the inmates are attacking! Just the point where it switches to them closing in and mobbin’ him then raising his head on a stake. XD


  7. Hi there!, I was wondering if you could do a .gif of the new “best friends forever” episode of the part when jailbot put the warden to sleep :)

  8. Hey, if you don’t mind do a mayhem donor thing.
    I wanted the gif when the twins popped up.

  9. Calvin, could you please create a .gif file for this specific piece of Superjail: the moment Jared and The Warden fight. Jared finally says “this stuff is deadly, I’ll prove it!” and then he goes sniffing away. His vision changes along with his eyes and the Warden’s face. Then I want it with The Warden saying “see yah on the other side of space, brothers!”. =^D

  10. Hey, could you make smaller versions of the gif where Warden jumps up in front of Superjail and a rainbow appears and the gif where Lord Stingray and The Warden are laughing? I need them both to be 500×500 or smaller. Thanks!

  11. i want a GIF with Stingray and the inmate

  12. Can you do a request for me ? If so can you do the one from the episode “Ladies Night” where Jailbot has HIV. Thank you.

  13. Hot chick~
    I want the twins running in that one scene.

  14. Hey… I gotta request fer ya.
    Can you do the gif in the Lord Stingray episode when the Warden is pelvict-thrusing and then starts pelvict thrusting an inmate? Thanks.

  15. Could you make the gif where Jared was telling the warden that if he doesn’t chew gum that he will smoke, drink, than kill himself, this scene is from the episode “jailbot 2.0″

  16. Make a gif of the Twins eating the Wurbuxx Bud, because that was awesome. Thanks.

  17. Could you make one from Jailbot 2.0 when the Warden approaches Alice in the Eyeship?

  18. Could you make a gif from the pilot episode, where the Warden says: “Let me worry about the Twins, Jared.”
    Thank you in advance! C:

  19. Jared and chairce make a fine ass lovers i mean come on for real yall. Maybe when season 3 comes out when they see each other again and to be together and when the moment is right jared will get on one knee on and ask her will you marry me and say yes and they will have a nice big fancy wedding at superjail and after the wdding they will have a honeymoon and when the years go by they will have kids. I am also in love with the handsome superjail doctor and we get to see each other everyday.

  20. I would really like to see gifs of my four favorite scenes from the pilot Bunny Love. The scene where Warden makes his entrance via the rainbow then has it go into his hat which he puts on, the scene where Warden makes his desk appear then tosses his hat & cane onto a hat rack, the scene where Warden spins around in a chair then flips himself upside down and the scene where he says goodbye to the Twins after making the full moon come out. Thanks in advance to whoever makes those gifs. I will greatly appreciate it.

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