Superjail’s second season is now available for purchase on DVD! The disc contains all ten episodes, plus episode commentary. The band Cheeseburger, who are best known for the Superjail theme song, are also featured on the DVD, with concert footage and an animated music video. Other special features include interviews, animatics, and more.

If you aren’t convinced to pick it up yet, maybe check out these two awesome commercials:


The next Superjail episode is Gay Wedding, Sunday at midnight.

Last Sunday was season two episode four Hotchick, which now has 209 screen grabs, nine desktop wallpaper backgrounds, and four animated GIFs.

New GIFs:

New Wallpaper:

And the Sunday before that was Lord Stingray Crash Party, which is now watchable on Adult Swim Video.

A match for Alice and a back story for the Twins? Big things afoot in the new Superjail! episode, “Hotchick” this Sunday, April 24th, at midnight.

Cartoon Brew provides Christy Karacas’s description of the upcoming episode as well as a sneak peak.

“He’s kind of a super-villian dude who has his own army, kinda like Cobra… He washes up on Superjail after his base is destroyed and the warden loves him, sees him as an equal and tries to be buddies… but Stingray has other plans for Superjail. This was actually the first one we did but we didn’t air it first… Stingray appears in other episodes later in the season.”

Adult Swim has this promo:

Here’s a trippy Superjail commercial that’s been playing on Adult Swim recently.

Superjail – Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim. And don’t miss new Superjail episodes coming April 3rd on Adult Swim.

There is also this newer commercial, with more season two!

And in site news, the media gallery now has high-quality screen grabs from every episode, as well as animated GIFs, desktop wallpaper, and audio clips. If there’s a particular image or sound clip or any other media from Superjail that you would like to see on the site, leave a comment!

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