Tonight’s episode, Gay Wedding, marks the midpoint of season two!

Paul and Jean, the Gay Inmates, are finally tying the knot and everyone’s invited! Except for The Warden, who decides to rectify that invitational oversight by throwing the wedding himself in grand Superjail style. Can true love possibly survive? Will anyone else in Superjail?

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The next Superjail episode is Gay Wedding, Sunday at midnight.

Last Sunday was season two episode four Hotchick, which now has 209 screen grabs, nine desktop wallpaper backgrounds, and four animated GIFs.

New GIFs:

New Wallpaper:

And the Sunday before that was Lord Stingray Crash Party, which is now watchable on Adult Swim Video.

Apr 022011

MSN and Zap2it have updated their television guides with the titles of the first five episodes of the upcoming season. Adult Swim’s schedule provides the production numbers (the order in which the episodes were made).

# Title Airdate Prod. Code
1 Best Friends Forever 4/03/2011 203
2 Mayhem Donor 4/10/2011 202
3 Lord Stingray Crash Party 4/17/2011 201
4 Hotchick 4/24/2011 204
5 Gay Wedding 5/01/2011 205

There will be five more episodes following these; episode titles will be posted here as they become available.

TV Guide provides the following episode summary for Best Friends Forever:

The warden is left to his own devices after Jailbot and Jacknife are shot down in hostile territory in the Season 2 premiere.


  • Mayhem Donor
    The Warden starts dealing organs on the black market, but his inventory grows too quickly.
  • Lord Stingray Crash Party
    A castaway befriends the Warden, but he may have ulterior motives.
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