David Wain, the voice of The Warden, has confirmed via his Twitter that the next season of Superjail is currently in the works. To a fan that said “we need another season of Superjail!”, David replied “We start making a new season this month!”.

Thanks to reader Vi for the tip.


The second episode of season two airs tonight!

Jared turns into some kind of mutant, and the Warden is selling body parts on the black market. Things don’t turn out so well.

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In other Superjail news, co-creator Christy Karacas has recently joined Twitter and you can follow him @ChristyKaracas. Check out these layouts for the season finale that he tweeted. Some more cool Superjail-related people to follow are Titmouse Animation, Cheeseburger (band that plays the theme song), David Wain (voice of The Warden), Adult Swim Central (this site’s parent site), and Adult Swim.

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