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  1. The one where the twins hug combaticus in time police pt 2

  2. The Warden humping Jared’s head? Ha, you’re the best!

  3. Do you have a Desktop of that one scene from Terrorarium with the twins sitting in the Fridge? It would be awesome if you put that up! Thanks. :3

  4. Hey Calvin,

    This is my first time in the dimension of Jailbot and I have to say this is one of the best Superjail! fansites I have ever come across. You have done an excellent and exceptional job on the website, keep this us I will definitely be coming back to look at what is new!

    Anyways, to what I would like to request.

    Do you think it is possible to have a background image made TimeTell? Or if I have the name wrong, to be more specific, an image of where The Warden was in the episode Time Police pt. 2(I believe). This scene is with the bullet that killed(or was going to) President Eisenhower. Then he shows the Warden TimeTell.


    Call me Div for short.

  5. pretty sublime :D

  6. Superjail is the best tv show ever.because it has more laughs than any other tv shows at midnight. i love superjail. lol love you

  7. Yea i said it .but i wonder what it like there. if i get capture by a real jailbotand take me to a real superjail.i want to spend the rest of my life there and not going back to my old life.

  8. Hey Truci, I want to show you something, I believe you will like it!

    This is official Superjail! Season Two Episode Cover from iTunes videos. I just thought to post it today since it’s just two days after the premiere showing of Superjail! S2; I thought to post today to show you guys how I love you all so much and I believe that there truly are other fans out there like myself who truly love this show and will always love it no matter how much it changes; and because I found Superjail! on iTunes which can be purchased for $1.99 an episode. Or if you want the whole first season you can buy it on sale as a bundle for only 14.99. This is the same for the Superjail! Season Two pass, each night the episode premieres one is uploaded and then downloaded into your computer/itunes library to keep FOEVER! This saves you, what? Ten dolla bills if you were to buy both of the seasons. Help keep Superjail! on the television by showing your support as a true fan and buy this iTunes special out, before it’s too late!


    I have also already bought the first two new of this season!

  9. I wonder if there is any, AWE-some, Lord Stingray backgrounds!?

  10. Yeah, I really like Lord Stingray as well. That would be awesome. Preferably one of him doing an evil laugh?

  11. Hotchick is on at 12:00 am.whos with me on this ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hell yea. there going to going to be a fight between alice and the hotchick. what is the percentage that alice will win put in yalls vote at midnight. what will be the percentage. ha ha ha ha ha :)

  12. Could you get one from tonights episode with the the close up with the twins on the computer. Well the one without the guy on the screen. i love the twins.

  13. Yall should talk about the fight from last night between alice and the hotchick.

  14. yes i want an image of the twins father!

  15. Make desktop background of the warend buttass naked.

  16. First off, excellent site. Thanks for taking the time to make it easy for everyone else to get everything superjail in one place!

    I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if you could somehow procure the rest of the artwork from the ending credits, that would be awesome. I’ve been looking for it for a long time with no luck :(

  17. Can we have desktop backgrounds for the gay wedding episode and the ghosts episode, please, please Calvin!

  18. can we hav one were the wardenms pants fall down fron jailbot 2.0?? plz

  19. anything and everything jailbot related, his faces are awesome wall papers

  20. How bout a wallpaper of that 7 ( I think), headed god from “Ghosts”?

  21. Could you make a jailbot 2.0 wallpaper please. Thanks

  22. can you please have Jared backgrounds??

  23. i’m a tattoo artist hoping to tattoo an image of yours….or someone’s. have been looking on the internet and cannot find who to credit for the images in the ending credits. it’s in red, a large steampunk face contraption being operated by another figure inside. may i please get a clear image, and with your blessing tattoo it? i’ll send pictures of the finished piece?
    thank you very much for your time
    rebecca fiduccia
    no ka oi tattoo

  24. I wish I knew the name of the scene..

    Its from the second season, and all i can remember is a long panoramic shot coming down vertically from the top of the screen down, possibly going from clouds in the mountains all the way down to the depths in the ocean? I cant entirely remembr. Hopefully you can help.

  25. we need one with Jack Knife

  26. I love the superjail doctor me and him are real lovers

  27. Hey, do you think you could make one of the time police?…. You know the winged singing potato critters.
    Thanks so much for the psychedelic wardens! Love ‘em!

  28. I’m a huge fan of this show and wanted a Superjail! tattoo to go with my meatwad ass tat. I’ve been looking all over the internet for two in particular. At the ending credits there is amazing art of jailbot and one of some type of creation with its tongue sticking out. Don’t know what it is, but it’s drawn in red. If I could a detailed picture, I’d be soo grateful and will post pictures when its finished.

  29. All of the wallpapers are amazing. But the one I’ve always wanted since the show first came out is in the begining song of the Warden in the coulds with his mouth open. It’s the very last few seconds in the song… It’s an amazing picture that I would love to have.

  30. I would really like the warden bots shooting people preferably bloody, Thank you in advance! You have a very fine site

  31. None of Jacknife? sad :(

  32. Love the site read a post earlier about someone looking for the jailbot pic at the ending credits. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!


  34. Is there any where I can find a still of Jailbot in the closing credits? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  35. Can you put up the a couple of the ones where Paul lands in the field of marijuana and enters the drug filled areas? Plus the ones where the inmates are doing the drugs?

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